Amalia Soulioti studied Architectural Engineering and graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has 10 years of successful business portfolio from her own office located in Athens since 2008. Her main focus is on the study, design and construction of private projects, such as houses, business premises and shops, as well as the interior design of existing buildings and landscapes.


Design has the power to improve the quality of human life, and it is the office’s  philosophy to work and provide results with sensitivity and simplicity, aiming for the best aesthetic result.


    Based on architectural design, respecting the client’s needs, the surroundings and the landscape and with the contribution of a professional creative team, civil and mechanical engineers that all work alongside the architect, and with experienced workers, our office provides an  high-class integrated architectural solution from conception to completion.


    Amalia Soulioti also works on and supervises on the below architectural planning:


  • Creation of architectural projects in communication with the customer
  • three-dimensional digital imaging study
  • Building permits
  • Construction plans with all necessary details for optimal implementation of construction
  • Supervision and coordination teams
  • Take comprehensive contracting
  • Reconstruction
  • Interior design