This study was the design of a building placed in a rectangular plot with the view of the Attica region, which would host a 60sq.m apartment for rent and a house of 150sq.m for a family of five.


    According to the architectural study, the building lies in this small piece of land attached on both sides to the site borders. The small independent apartment is organized on the ground floor while the family dwelling occupies the first and second floor.


    The large openings placed on the north-south axis allow a through lighting and ventilation, giving the sense of an extension of the interior to the outdoor space and providing unobstructed views to the resident from all points of the plan.


    Dominant feature of the architectural study is the concrete volume with the entrance & the staircase that leads to the roof-terrace where an amazing view is ensured.


    The green colored paved corridor runs from the external gate, through the building, to the backyard garden and ends on a vertical wall-part of the fence - ideal for film screenings in the summer.


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