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    The study architecture involved the design of a country house belonging to a couple in the village of Ag. Nikolaos in Karpenisi.


    The main volume consisted of a space with a studio loft above that is connected by simple floating stairs. The stone parallel walls determine the strictly geometrical shape of the house when the large windows give the feeling that there are no clear boundaries between the living areas and the open spaces, as imposed by the verdant landscape itself.


    The fireplace is designed to vertically penetrate the house and provides two hearths, one on ground level and the other on the loft making itself the central axis and the reference point of the house. Also living areas are organized in such a way that in winter the fireplace becomes the focal center, whereas in the summer it is the garden.


    An independent, secondary, volume that hosts a guest room and a bathroom, is designed in the left side of the residence.


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